A Fork To Mouth Restaurant

Amadeus is the first “Fork To Mouth” Restaurant. It is a play on the Farm To Fork movement. Our desire is that our guests enjoy their dining experience while we focus on high quality, locally sourced, flavorful foods.  


Chef/Owner Diana Ramallo was born in Argentina and came to the US at the age of five. Surrounded by family, meals were a time of celebration and comradery. As an adult, she spent many years traveling with her family– living in Greece as well as the east coast. After moving to Oregon, she supported herself and her daughter by creating and selling her decadent desserts while she pursued a degree from the Culinary Institute in Portland. In 1996, she opened the doors of Amadeus. In 2013, Amadeus relocated to its present location in the beautifully restored historic Grey Building. Her daughter Alena has been an integral part of this business, now spanning two generations– soon to be moving into the third as her children get older. 

We believe that the strength of our business comes from not only our offering of good food, good service, and a beautiful atmosphere– but from our connection to the community in which we live. We are grateful for your continued support.

Thank you,

Diana and Alena


Happy Hour/ Small Plate Tuesday

Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you.
— William Shakespeare

Happy Hour

Available all night Tuesdays

3-5:30 and 8-close Wednesday-Friday |4-5:30 and 8-close Saturday and Sunday

Purchase of beverage required |Please no to go orders 

Gazpacho- Our chilled tomato soup topped with Fresh Oregon bay shrimp tossed in a lemon aioli. GF 7.5

Lamb Sliders- Served on toasted brioche with tzatziki sauce, pickled red onion, and feta cheese. 8

Pan Con Tomate- Chef Diana’s rustic house made bread, brushed with garlic and olive oil, then grilled. Topped with slow roasted tomato, farmers cheese and fresh basil. 5.5

Brussel Sprouts- Sauteed and  topped with Ewe Calf ToBe KIDDing Me blue cheese, pecans, balsamic. GF 7 

Summer Carrots- Sweet carrots roasted and served with fresh mozzarella and “hot honey”. GF 8

Fish Tacos- Grilled salmon belly, shrimp ceviche, lemon aioli. 3 for 9

Charred Asparagus- Simply served with olive oil, parmesan, rosemary. GF 7

Harissa Chicken Skewers- Free range chicken thighs, marinated in Middle Eastern Spices and grilled. GF 7

Harissa Pork Tacos- Pork shoulder and belly flashed with harissa and served with pineapple salsa. 3 for 9

Bruschetta Pizza- Thin crust topped with an asiago cheese spread, tomato, onion, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and a balsamic reduction. 9

Popeye Pizza- This crust topped with fresh basil pesto, roasted garlic, Kalamata olives,  Monterey Jack and feta cheeses.  9

Pepperoni Pizza- Thin crust, house made red marinara, mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheeses and Zenner pepperoni. 9

Zucchini Fries- Served with our chipotle aioli. 6.5
Crostata- Duck fat crust, filled with creamed leaks, sausage and delicato squash finished with a honied ricotta. 10 

Petite Mac and Cheese- Our classic dish is back! Baked penne pasta in a bubbling cheese sauce. 9

Add bacon 2.5 Add chicken apple sausage 3

Tomato Tartlets- Phyllo filled with chevre mousse and a tomato jam. 6 for 6

Dolmades- Traditional Greek dish made with seasoned rice wrapped in grape leaves, tossed in local honey and feta cheese. GF 4.5

Fig Tarts- Phyllo cups filled with bacon and chèvre mousse- topped with a caramelized fig and a drizzle of balsamico. 6 for 6

Sweet Pots- Sweet potato waffles fries served with a smoky adobo chili aioli. 5

Petite Shrimp & Bacon Risotto- Our creamy risotto with tender shrimp, pork belly and bacon. GF 10

1/2 Painted Hills Brisket- Our famous smoked brisket, shredded and tossed in an Ancho chile cream over polenta.  8.5

Brisket Quesadilla-Grilled tortilla stuffed with cheese and our creamy ancho chile brisket.  8.5

Happy hour Beverages

Sun and Flowers- Vodka, lemon, muddled thyme and lavender, simple, iced tea. 7.5

Thai Spiced Mule- House infused Thai chile vodka, lime, ginger beer.  6

Kendra’s Punch- A rotating variety of delicious wine based punch. 5.5

Carrot Mary- Tumeric, black pepper, lemon, vodka, carrot juice. Served with all of the pickled garnish.

Lazy Paloma- Whiskey, grapefruit San Pellegrino. 5.5

Vodka Press 5.5

Aperol Spritz 6

Marionberry Lemonade Sparkler– Fresh squeezed lemon, vodka, house made Marion berry  syrup, soda water. 6.5

Scratch Margarita– Fresh squeezed lime, simple, tequila. 6 

Namastea- Named for one of our favorite guests!   Vodka, rum, triple sec,  whiskey, lemon, lime and Amareno cherry syrup. 7 

Well Highball– Well liquor and mixer, for example rum and coke, vodka and soda, etc. 5

All Draft Beer 4.5

Happy Hour Wine

Red 5.5glass/ 19bottle

White 5glass/ 18bottle

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