A Fork To Mouth Restaurant

Amadeus is the first “Fork To Mouth” Restaurant. It is a play on the Farm To Fork movement. Our desire is that our guests enjoy their dining experience while we focus on high quality, locally sourced, flavorful foods.  


Chef/Owner Diana Ramallo was born in Argentina and came to the US at the age of five. Surrounded by family, meals were a time of celebration and comradery. As an adult, she spent many years traveling with her family– living in Greece as well as the east coast. After moving to Oregon, she supported herself and her daughter by creating and selling her decadent desserts while she pursued a degree from the Culinary Institute in Portland. In 1996, she opened the doors of Amadeus. In 2013, Amadeus relocated to its present location in the beautifully restored historic Grey Building. Her daughter Alena has been an integral part of this business, now spanning two generations– soon to be moving into the third as her children get older. 

We believe that the strength of our business comes from not only our offering of good food, good service, and a beautiful atmosphere– but from our connection to the community in which we live. We are grateful for your continued support.

Thank you,

Diana and Alena



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Calamari- Lightly battered and served with a jalapeño aioli. 8

Brie En Poof- Triple creme brie wrapped in phyllo and baked until golden brown. 9.5

Sweet Pots- Sweet potato waffle fries served with a smoky adobo chili aioli. 6.5

Rosemary Garlic Shoestring Fries– Thin cut fries, parmesan, garlic, rosemary,  jalapeño aioli. 6

Bruschetta- Baguette bread, garlicky Asiago cheese spread, tomato, onion, bacon, basil, Monterey Jack cheese,      balsamic reduction. 9

Anthony’s Brussel Sprouts- Sautéed Brussel sprouts, peppers, garlic, bacon and brown sugar. 7 GF

Dolmades- Traditional Greek seasoned rice, grape leaves, local honey, Israeli feta cheese. 5.5 GF

Artichoke & Black Truffle Dip- Artichoke hearts, secret cheese blend, black truffle oil, baguette bread. 8

Meddi Plate- Amadeus hummus, kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts,  cucumbers, Israeli feta cheese,     peppadews, warm Naan bread. 8.5

Mexican Street Corn- Grilled corn, cotija cheese, chicken stock, garlic aioli, corn tortilla chips. 8



      Add Draper Farms Chicken 4 Add Grilled Shrimp 4 Add Wild Caught Salmon 10

Small Mixed Greens- Arcadian greens, tarragon vinaigrette. 4 GF

Caesar– Green Leaf and Arcadian greens, garlicky dressing, shaved parmesan, house made croutons. 

Half 5/ Whole 10

The Fancy- Arcadian greens, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles, tarragon vinaigrette. 

Half 5.5/ Whole 10GF

Spinach Salad- Sautéed portabella and crimini mushrooms, peppers, onion, cranberries and pecans, baby leaf         spinach, Israeli feta cheese.  13GF



All pizzas served on thin crust made with Italian 00 flour, rubbed with olive oil.

Spring Bounty- House made fig spread, thinly sliced pears, blue cheese and topped with an Arugula salad. 13.5

Popeye- Fresh basil pesto, baby leaf spinach, roasted garlic, Monterey Jack cheese. 12

Bruschetta- Garlicky Asiago cheese spread,  tomato, onion, diced pancetta, basil, Jack cheese, balsamico. 13

Pepperoni- Zenner Meats thin sliced pepperoni, house made tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack cheese. 12

Ratatouille- Braised seasonal vegetables, basil pesto and mozzarella. 13



Served with rosemary garlic shoestring fries.

The American- ½ pound Kobe beef burger topped with Jack cheese, bacon,  mayo, lettuce, tomato. 14.5

Painted Hills Brisket Burger- ½ pound Kobe beef burger topped with our Painted Hills brisket, Tillamook cheddar, frizzled onions, and angel hair coleslaw, mayonnaise. 17


Amadeus Specials

Spiced Lamb- Marinated in rich spices and roasted. Served atop Israeli couscous with tomato, onion and peppers. 20

Pork Ragu- Slow cooked Carlton Farms pork in a rich tomato sauce and tossed with pappardelle pasta. 19.5

Pork Aromaticco- Carlton Farms pork loin, pounded thinly and flashed with Marsala and red pepper flake. Finished with cream, basil and capers and served on pappardelle pasta. 18

Steak Argentina- Snake River Farms flat iron marinated in a Latin chimmichurri sauce, chargrilled and served with smashed potato. 23 GF


The Classics

Le Mac- A blend of four cheeses, cream, penne pasta baked in the oven . 15

Add chicken apple sausage 3 Add crumbled bacon 2.5

Shrimp and Bacon Risotto– Fresh shrimp, diced hickory smoked bacon, pork belly, creamy parmesan risotto. 19.5 GF

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto- Rich portobello mushrooms, onion, chicken, creamy risotto, fresh baby leaf spinach and Israeli feta cheese. 19 GF

Painted Hills Brisket- Smoked overnight with English Breakfast tea,  shredded and tossed in an ancho chile cream. Served over creamy polenta with frizzled onions and a balsamico. 18

Saucy Chicken-  Baked Draper Farms chicken breast, served atop cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, mushroom and marsala cream. 20GF


Of The Sea

Grilled Salmon- Wild caught Coho, mashed potato, sautéed cabbage, asparagus, Latin herb sauce. 23 GF

Leeky Boat-  Baked wild caught Alaskan cod encrusted in potato, baby leaf spinach, warm leek sauce. 22 GF

Shrimp Etouffe– Cajun Mir poix, fresh large shrimp braised in a spicy tomato broth. Served over creamy polenta. 19 GF


For The Carnivore

The “Classic”-  Chargrilled Snake River Farms beef medallions, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, red wine demi glace. 23 GF

Stroganoff- It’s back! Pappardelle pasta, portobello mushroom cream, Snake River Farms beef medallions. 25

Maple Farms Duck Breast- Seared in a cast iron skillet, finished in the oven and served with an Asian inspired sauce and creamy lemon risotto. 25

Beef Bourguignon-  Tender beef, braised in red wine with portabella and crimini mushrooms, pearl onions, carrots, herbs du Provence - served over smashed Yukon potatoes. 23 



All paleo items are gluten and dairy free.

Harissa Chicken– Draper Farms chicken breast, Middle Eastern spices, roasted and mashed cauliflower,  and vegetable ratatouille. 22

Stuffed Sweet Potato- Roasted and stuffed sweet potato, Carlton farms pork shoulder, grilled pineapple salsa 17.5

Paleo Salmon- Grilled wild caught salmon, sautéed cabbage, slivered avocado, orange infused olive oil, red pepper flakes. 23

Catch of  The Day- Fresh, wild caught Alaskan cod served with roasted and mashed cauliflower with charred peppers. 22

Korean Short Ribs– Slow cooked boneless beef ribs in a Chinese five spice sauce with butternut squash “pasta” and house made kimchi. 22



Twisted Sister– Spiral cut spaghetti squash, zucchini, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, gremolata, macadamia nuts. 19  V/GF

Oregon Ravioli– Butternut squash, sage, caramelized leek sauce, Oregon hazelnuts, “Ewe Calf To Be KIDding Me” blue cheese.  19

The Stuffed Vegetarian- Roasted sweet potato stuffed with roasted winter vegetables and drizzled with balsamic. 16 V/GF


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